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March 31, 2009


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Well well, as you hinted, the event failed since it promised to connect the current economy situation with the companies value proposition.

This promise was not delivered on stage, with no real tie between their solutions and current world crisis.

Therefore this event was "more of the same" of numerous gatherings alike that we all participated lately.

The expectations were that a focus would be shared on the "ONOMY".


event was bullshit ! no connection to world economy .

Erez Shemesh

Techonomy 2009 summary Web-Show


Hi Shai (AKA Blogiza) - wanted to comment on the GRAZEit community issue you wrote up there, saying "the more users you have, the more valuable it becomes to any individual user". Well, basically this is 100% true, but... GRAZEit, up until this minute has 462,036 grazes spread on a total of 896,489 pages - and growing by the minute, as we speak... which means that after installing GRAZEit add-on you will most probably find relevant content on some pages you visit. Try it and see.
We do need to build the community, and it is a challenge, as for all related websites, but the GRAZEit basic architecture enables the grazer (content owner) to spread his webpages, and enhance his search engine presence (= get traffic), even if no one installs the add-on.
Anyway, Techonomy was great! It was a great experience for us - exposure as well as presentation practice on sympathetic audience and panelists. Too bad we had so little time to discuss the product, it's challenges and the business model...

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