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February 25, 2007


Bruce Rokowitz

China, the last online frontier

Jacob Steinberg

What was the valuation? - Who are the other investors? Was this the first round?


O.D. Kobo, Chairman and CEO of The Koolanoo Group. A strategic Internet investment company with an emphasis in online ventures in China. Internet maverick that has lead a string of heavy investors into China.

The Koolanoo Group owns and operates 360Quan.com - China's Social Network/Video Sharing/Blog/Music/and Broadcasting mix. One of the fastest growing websites online in China, 360Quan is directed for the youth culture of China, currently consisting of 86% of the online traffic.

Mr. Kobo draws a long history of successful start-ups in the Internet industry since 1998, always as a private investor, until Koolanoo Group. Known for his extensive operating skills, aggressive marketing strategies and a 'hands-on' approach to management. Innovative approaches and focus.

The Koolanoo Group is funded by Giza VC, Ron Zuckerman of DSP, Sapiens, Precise Software Solutions, Magnum VC and Shimon Alon of Veritas, Scitex and Precise Software Solutions.

O.D. Kobo (Oded David Kobo) Born: Israel August 30th, 1974. Resides in Beijing, China.

For our records, how correct is the above information sourced from various Google links-?

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What is the definition of internet investment and investment online? eg. the different between investment through website and investment offshore and using website to monitor like online banking.

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Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

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Is there a way were small entrepreneurs can join or collaborate?

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