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July 11, 2007



All true... :-)

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In America, we have freedom of speech. If a group or gang or mob of lawyers wish to be called something, something else, they are free to do so. But if I want to call them something unflattering, I may do so if it is a metaphor and appropriate. And so I prefer to tell the truth, as I see fit.

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I admire his courage.

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Thanks for the video, It is hilarous. I think that it will become viral, If Ray William Johnson review it.

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We have to give thanks to youtube. because it has brought some interesting thing with some interesting people.32hr Right now I watch more video on youtube that on my tv.

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That is the spirit! Go girl!


hahaha, it is a great video thanks for sharing it. I will share it on facebook, twitter and google plus.


Fantastic blog. I was just thinking about that recently.

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