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July 15, 2007


Maayan Porat

Vertical social networks are getting more and more attention indeed and it's interesting to see how things develop.

Ning - there is a great post by Marc Andreessen about Ning. Marc is Ning's founder and was also one of Netscape founders.


BTW - Marc's blog is new and very well worth reading! It include great posts. Recommended.

Roi Carthy


I couldn't figure it out either... Then Scoble made it clear...

I wrote about it yesterday, here: http://www.roicarthy.com/2007/07/15/social-networks-i-am-media/



Who has time for all that? My vote is for Facebook only.


Zone is good because it has a collaborative blog and is viral in the sense whereby to read a post you need to be a member. I've closed down LPI for now with no plans to open it again, at least in the near-term. Contact me for further details/ideas/contributions. Cheers.

phoenix house painter

It makes me smile sometimes when hearing about it.

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