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December 31, 2007


amit shafrir

i would venture to say that online video has NOT yet had its final say. things unravel at a slower pace than may have been anticipated, but i predict 2008-2009 will see some more major shifts in online video usage, trends and new mechanics. happy new year

Gil Sh

Online video will continue to be dominated by professional content makers rather the UGC. The big bucks will flow once new advertising for online video will emerge. One option could be clickable content that allows viewers to obtain additional information about the props they see in the video and it also allows them to purchase it. This will generate a lot of money and encourage traditional media to distribute its content online for free.


facebook is no doubt the biggest story... and it will be very interesting to see what will it do with its online ad system during 2008 (I know some very good developers moved from Google to facebook ;)


Ron Pick

Coming back from AdTech NY, the complete consensus is that not Search Engines or otherwise know how to monetize video [yet].
All the current studies show that inads, rollovers or preroll will work until the ads become targeted, and no technology can yet do that seamlessly.
Anyone who will/can do that successfully will most likely find his name in next years 2008 achievers.

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