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February 20, 2008


Tom Taylor

Mr. Tsur,
Thank you for your series on VC's it is excellent, informative, and clarifying.

I'm involved with start ups, web 2.0 companies specifically as a marketing manager for a large tech company. I'm trying to present a case for a high degree of IP risk mitigation using standard, proven, inexpensive technologies that allow all of the typical startup technology infrastructure issues to be resolved while providing many other additional benefits like massive scaling. It's simple really: thin clients using smart-card badging connected to hosting companies. Those principals who need to be computer scientists should be while the remainder should be focussed on accelerating time to market and revenue, not fiddling with choosing systems, managing networks, worrying about backups and disaster recovery, etc. It is surprising how difficult it is to get intelligent, successful, accomplished investors to understand this. Your articles have provided insights that will enable me to communicate this better. Thank you.

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