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August 07, 2008



I don't understand...doesn't china have restrictions on web content? how doeskoolano handle that?


360Quan is very nice social network in china.


I had no idea 360quan was doing that well, but the I guess no one invests $25million without a certain level of success.

what is this IQ? how do i find more about this ?


i am not really sure they are doing that well, met oded and other people they, they are feeding everyone the say story that china is different china is different, but even when i checked china top 100 website, and they weren't there, they told me its because in china there is no data, so how can i trust that they really have 30 miliino users, also the 25 milion raise comes from giza, since they didn't want to cut down there shares there.

oded talks too much, and from my history when a guy talks too much its usually means he comes empty handed.

its important you to know i have no bad feelings for them, and i wish them sucess, but i don't like people are getting credit for nothing, my guess, this is a failure investing but lets hope i am wrong

bill gate

To the bozo who wrote the comment above.

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Ori Israely

Simply to rectify the comment.

Koolanoo Group rasied $25Million USD from the QIA (Qatar Investment Authority). Giza did participate with an additional $1 Million USD, and a further Chinese investor group with another $1 Million USD which made the total amount raised in their last round $27 Million.

We are very pleased with the investment and growth.

I hope this clears things up before further messy writings are posted, not appreciated by the way.


Zeev Holtzman

I do not like junk on our company blogs, but success does bring an audience.

Simply to be fair about ODK, the Chairman of Shellanoo PE, 2C3I, Koolanoo Group. All in all, he single handedly managed to raise US $880 Million in capital/cash between all his companies, of which was raised during what is said to be the most distressed economic cycles in recent years. He has done this all in 2.5 years and is a young man of 34 years of age. If someone thinks that is not admirable or has comments about his companies or performance in China than I challenge their achievements in comparison to his, simple and plain.

Very few foreigners understand the China Internet or Telecom landscape and statistics is a major factor which does not exist in China. ODK is a proven success, he makes money in China and has done so for years and nothing speaks better than performance, which is measured in business by money.

In reference to Koolanoo Group portfolio companies in China, they are all run by Dan Brody CEO of Koolanoo Group. Who was previously Director of Goverment Relations of Motorola for China, and most recent prior to CEO of KG, was Director of Biz Dev for Google China. Mr. Kobo and Mr. Brody are both considered to be the most influential foreigners in the industry in China and regarded as experts in China and out. That is a fact.

I trust this clears things up and leaves room for clean and fair comments.



Can I have contact info from Mr. Dan Brody?
if you know, pls send me one,


check their website www.KGIM.com for contact info

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Thank you for sharing. Very happy to see your article, I very much to like and agree with your point of view. Have a good time.


It is indeed amazing what they did, so much money in that short amount of time, very impressive.


The best new company of the past decade don't you think?

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