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April 13, 2009



very informative. i must admit i find the Alexa reference startling, I checked myself and he is absolutely correct. i always thought Koolanoo was a bit brash, today according to their website they are operating more like an investment company, but what do I know. I been reading alot recently on Mr Kobo and find his rise and rise with his other companies very admirable. he was loud at first but now i guess he is calmed down, raising obscene amounts of capital for his other companies, appearing in rich lists, hiring ex google directors and read that a snr vp of reuters is heading his investment company in london. maybe he is just looking at things from a different angle, as the blog reads in 15 years he will only be 48, i am 49 today, kol ha kavod- chag sameach


how can i get in touch with Mr Kobo ?

Guy Rotberg

Odi, very well written. Couldn't agree more about the Alexa ranking comments and the need to look at the big picture and long term in China.
Dan is a great guy and I wish you all (and also to our www.Meijob.com) a great success in China.


Very well written indeed. China's internet space has always been intriguing. As for the big picture it is ahead I agree and inevitable, assured capital is required. Astonished that he/Kobo is so young. I sat with his other investment company in London am impressed with the speed of his success. btw hasnt everyone already realised Alexa is a ranking fantasy, I am a VC partner, and we regard Alexa as simply a toy, in China it is more so i see.


good blog


nice piece


read something about shellanoo, any connection to koolanoo ?


wikipedia blocked in china since nov 2006 and is still ranked in the top 60 of china websites. thats really crazy of Alexa.


pls advise how i can get in touch with dan brody (www.conduit.com)



Everything reads nice and lovely.

Where is the money ?

What is Koolanoo generating ? Is China worth the investment when in today;s economy the returns need to match the investment alot sooner. When will China's pay day arrive ?

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